self check
self-service unit

Suitable for Archives, Libraries, Museums and Documentation Centres, the Libware self check unit is an intuitive, fast and versatile solution for an automated customer service.

Libware self check system offers the users the opportunity to manage their own transactions within the institution system. For instance, It allows them to check their own current loans, solicit reservations, make requests and returns...

It also provides greater autonomy to the client, allowing him to perform the most common operations by himself without the need for external assistance or queuing.

This solution significantly reduces the work of the institution technical staff, giving them more time for dedication to customer service.



  • Query the Catalog;
  • Search in Digital Books;
  • User Pre-registration;
  • Document Check Out and Check In ;
  • Self-Service Loans and Returns;
  • Issuance of Receipts in Operations;
  • Reports and Statistics;
  • Anti-Vandalism Keyboard;
  • Touchscreen Monitor;
  • Integration with the Citizen Card;
  • Integration with Local Management System;
  • Integration with RFID;
  • Requisitions, Reservations, Bookings;
  • Charge Card Account;
  • Integrated Coins and Notes Payments;
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